Cell Phony Savvy: What’s Your Line?

Cell Phony Savvy: What’s Your Line?

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There are currently more than 93 million Americans in the U.S. over age 55, according to census data, and the vast majority (74 percent) of them have a smartphone. And that number keeps growing.

In addition, we spend an average of 149 minutes a day on our smartphones — about as much as smartphone-obsessed Millennials at 171 minutes per day.

Despite these figures, and the fact that we were the inventors of the wireless industry, many mobile plans for Americans aged 55 plus are still designed for a time before the Internet. They come with limited minutes and no data.

 “The fact is that many ‘senior’ plans offer limited services that only work with basic phones. This doesn’t make sense for most of today’s modern, mobile adults,” says John Legere, CEO and president of T-Mobile. “Unfortunately, many carriers and plans treat these generations like they’re stuck in the past.”

But even without the dumbed down “senior” plans, empty nesters aren’t given great options. When kids leave the house and are off the family plan, most major carriers raise the per line cost by almost 60 percent, costing customers a hefty sum when it’s time to pay the bill each month.

So how can you find the best deal for your needs? When looking for a plan, consider the following.

• How many lines do you need? Virtually every wireless provider has a lower per line cost for four lines instead of two. So, if you only need two lines, look for a plan that won’t penalize you for not having four.

• If you’re a frequent traveler — whether it’s for business or pleasure — ensure your wireless plan offers the perks you need to avoid sticker shock on your bills when you get home. Some plans offer perks for travelers such as an hour of free in-flight Internet on domestic flights and high-speed data in Mexico and Canada, along with data and texting from 140 countries and destinations around the world.

• How much do you use your mobile phone? Be honest with the number of minutes you spend making calls and the amount of data you use. Unlimited plans have become incredibly affordable and popular again. If you don’t want to ever have to worry about your data use, it may be time to take advantage of these deals and switch to an unlimited plan.

Consider new options from phone carriers that have plans designed specifically for today’s mobile adults.

Being over 55 doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your wireless plan, so do your research and find a plan that offers you everything you really need to stay connected at the best price.

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