A Brain Game: This One’s Tough

A Brain Game: This One’s Tough


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What is the word? The first two letters and the last two letters are the same. Try solving them without looking at the letter pairs below. If you need to take a peek, go ahead, but do not fill in the letters right away. Come back to it several hours later. How many did you remember?

EXAMPLE     _ _ u c a t _ _    ANSWER (ed): educated


  •      _ _ i  _ _
  •      _ _ m a _ _
  •      _ _ r m i  _ _
  •      _ _ u r _ _
  •      _ _ e l l f i _ _
  •      _ _ a s _  _




  •         _ _ t i _ _
  •         _ _ a d a c _ _
  •         _ _ e p s a _ _


OPTIONS    he  te  sh   er   ke   re  on   to   ch   


1    o n i o n
2    t o m a t o
3    t e r m i t e
4    c h u r c h
5    s h e l l f i s h
6    e r a s e r

7    r e t i r e
8    h e a d a c h e
9    k e e p s a k e


Improving your focus is important for enhancing your remembering skills. Distractions are not your friend.  Practice periodically just being in the present moment. Give something your full attention. Eat a meal and do not do anything else. When driving in your car alone, do not listen to any audio.  
  This puzzle and memory tip is provided by Kathryn Kilpatrick, a speech-language pathologist. She is available for Memory Fitness and Keep Your Brain Sharp programs and private consultations. For more tips, visit her website, memoryfitnessmatters.com and read some of her memory fitness blogs.

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