Open Wide and Smile – Modern treatment and After Care are Key to Healthy Teeth

Open Wide and Smile – Modern treatment and After Care are Key to Healthy Teeth

- in Health & Wellness, May/June 2018

I see many new patients who come to our office for “smile makeovers.” Some do it for a special occasion, while others thought it was about time to take care of themselves. Regardless of the reason, they understood the value of healthy teeth and a smile they could be proud of.

A physician in her 50s told us she wanted to look good at her daughter’s wedding and in the wedding photos. She had lost a few upper and lower front teeth as a teenager due to an accident. At the time, the teeth were replaced with permanent bridges made of porcelain on top of a metal framework used for strength.

Though they had lasted many years, they looked their age, with a number of fractures and chips, and some of the metal margins were visible. After exploring her options, we used a combination of all-porcelain bridgework in the front and all-porcelain crowns in the back. She confided in me that she wished she had done the dental work earlier so that she could have been enjoying the benefits, both cosmetically and functionally.

The wedding pushed her into moving forward with treatment. As she also travels frequently with her husband and has a grinding problem, we made her a soft night guard, which will help protect her teeth from grinding and any accident that might occur on the road.

Looking Good, Feeling Great

Another patient, in her mid-80s, was brought in by her daughter — a professor at a northeastern Ohio university — prior to their annual family reunion. “Jackie” had a large space between her front teeth that had bothered her for her entire adult life. After looking at various options, she decided to have four porcelain veneers placed to both close the diastema (space) and to make the proportions of her front teeth appropriate.

She called me after her get-together to tell me that she was the star of the reunion, and she attributed it to the change in her smile. Along with the veneers, we gave her important instructions on how to maintain the integrity of her new dental work, including four-month visits for exams and cleanings. We also suggested she avoid habits like nail-biting and anything that might harm her restorations.

A Cleveland executive said that after raising and paying for his six kids’ educations (and braces), he wanted to take care of himself. John had lost a number of teeth from periodontal disease and wore a removable partial. It was so uncomfortable that he took it out when he was eating. His wife, who sat across the table from him each night, encouraged him to finally have some modern dental work done. He got permanent, all-porcelain bridgework and veneers that provided the smile he always wanted as well as the ability to chew his food with a full complement of teeth.

For each of these patients, options on dental care were discussed before treatment, and home care and post-operative instructions were given to help achieve long-lasting results. Information about your options can give you a smile that you’ll enjoy for years.


Dr. Steve Marsh serves patients throughout Greater Cleveland. He does all cosmetic dental procedures, including extreme dental makeovers. He can be reached at 440-461-1003 or

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