Nice & Bright: Your Teeth Deserve It

Nice & Bright: Your Teeth Deserve It

- in Health & Wellness, January/February 2018


As 2018 begins, and we start to work on our resolutions, shouldn’t we spend time on ourselves and our appearance?

With our teeth and lips making up nearly 60 percent of our facial expressions, this is the time to plan on getting our smiles back in shape. Below are some of the options available — many of them done digitally — and information about the time necessary to improve our smiles.


Teeth whitening

Zoom: This can be accomplished with a laser-like, in-office technique. It takes about an hour and a half, and may be followed-up and maintained with at-home whitening.

At Home Method: Whitening your teeth at home involves wearing custom-fitted trays with a gel solution. It takes about two weeks to accomplish the shade change.



Tooth-colored composites can be used to fix chips and fractures, as well as to close spaces and change tooth color. Most “repairs” can be done in just one appointment.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

A filling material can be used to fix decayed teeth and to replace old, worn, silver fillings. Depending on the number of restorations to be done, they can often be completed in one day.


Removal of Stains, Tartar and/or White Spots

A dental hygiene appointment, combined with bonding, can eliminate most problems. This can be done in just one visit.


Porcelain Veneers

These tooth-colored restorations can be responsible for a dramatic change in one’s smile, covering the surfaces of the teeth and wrapping slightly over the edge. This conservative treatment generally takes two appointments of a couple of hours each.


Partial or full dentures

Made completely out of a light but strong material, these non-metal prostheses are more comfortable and natural than ever. Impressions, try-ins and placement can require three to four appointments.



Used to anchor individual teeth and/or dentures, implants resemble natural roots of teeth. There is generally a three- to four-month wait for the implants to integrate into bone; the restorations that attach to them take two appointments to accomplish.


With continuing advances in dentistry, both in technique and materials, a lot of changes can be accomplished in a very short amount of time with very dramatic results. Be happy and confident as you face the new year with your new smile.


Dr. Steve Marsh serves patients throughout Greater Cleveland. He does all cosmetic dental procedures, including extreme dental makeovers. Call him at 440-461-1003 or go to

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