Looking for Love, Cool Art, a Home & Garden Show

Looking for Love, Cool Art, a Home & Garden Show

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Looking for Love (or Maybe Just Like)

Are Your Dating Moves Out of Date?


Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity for angst, especially if you’ve been out of the dating pool. Consider these dating suggestions for those of us 50 and older from Tracy Sorboro, regional director of Real Cleveland Singles (realclevelandsingles.com).


  • Identify what it is you want. Marriage, a long-term relationship, casual dating or companionship? Time is precious; don’t date someone who wants something far different than you do.


  • With age comes experience and knowledge. Trust your instincts. They’re more refined as we age.


  • Age is just a number. Age matters in our younger years when considering marriage and a family; it’s less important as we get older. It’s common for someone 50 or older to date someone eight to 10 years older or younger.


  • Make safety a priority. Use caution when meeting someone new. It is fine to suggest that you meet in a public place rather than having someone pick you up at home, especially if you hardly know the person.


  • Find a partner with shared interests and hobbies. Think about the things you really enjoy doing and attend those types of events. You may meet someone there.


  • Be very cautious using online dating sites that do not screen potential members. Who you think you are communicating with might not be a reality. Online dating sites can be deceptive.


  • Have a positive attitude. We attract the kind of energy we put out.


  • Be open to new possibilities. Don’t be afraid to try something new.


  • Appearance matters less, and compatibility and shared interests much more.





A Great & Big Garden Show


Do you …

Scroll through Pinterest looking for garden inspiration?

Dream of visiting Waco, Texas, to get a glance at Chip and Joanna?

Have a strong opinion about tiny houses and the people who buy them?


If so, chances are you already have The Great Big Home + Garden Show on your calendar. It’s set for Feb. 2-11 at the I-X Center in Cleveland with more than 600 exhibits. You’ll discover new products, get helpful advice and — if you’re lucky — see an HGTV “Fixer Upper” celebrity (sadly, not Chip or Joanna).


Wintertime home shows are a terrific place to snag ideas for projects indoors and out. Grab a friend or two, make a day of it and head over to the I-X Center for inspiration that’s both great and big. For details, go to greatbighomeandgarden.com.


No Tail Left Behind

Local Sanctuary Saves Farm Animals


Bitter cold. Blistering heat. Abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals end up at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna in all seasons and weather.


If you’re looking for a worthy cause to start the year, Happy Trails is one to consider. The hard workers there are looking for volunteers and contributions to support their mission.


The private, nonprofit sanctuary works with law enforcement and local humane organizations to provide shelter for farm animals who are victims of cockfighting, hoarding, severe neglect and other abuse.


All animals come into the farm through law enforcement or county humane officers with the stipulation that cruelty charges are filed against the owner or caretaker.


Happy Trails does not accept owner surrenders, or farm animals or horses from owners who simply no longer want their farm pet, or who wish to sell their farm pet or horse.


Last year, Happy Trails saved 128 chickens, 21 ducks, two geese, five rabbits, one alpaca, two goats, 11 potbelly pigs, 22 horses, three donkeys and one mule.


In that same time, the sanctuary found forever homes for 71 chickens, 21 ducks, two geese, five rabbits, one alpaca, 11 potbelly pigs, five sheep, 21 horses, three donkeys and that same mule.


The group provides educational programs for children on site and in schools, has a nursing home visitation program, works with a program for mental health and behavioral health clients, and offers a retirement program for Amish buggy and plow horses.


If you’d like to help save needy farm animals, visit happytrailsfarm.org and become a recurring monthly donor. No amount is too small. Other ways to help are by sponsoring an animal or farm project, fostering, or volunteering at the 10-acre farm. The sanctuary’s website also makes it easy for people to buy feed at local stores to donate to the farm.


Eating Atom Bombs: Political Turmoil Through Artist Eyes

We’re fortunate in NEO to have great art museums — Akron, Cleveland, Canton and Youngstown all bring incredible works nearly to our doorsteps. But have you explored any of the smaller, private galleries and museums in those cities?

Dana Schutz: Eating Atom Bombs runs Jan. 20-April 15 at Transformer Station, 1460 W. 29th St. in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. The exhibit is in a 1924 building that was a substation for the Cleveland Railway Company.

The building houses contemporary art exhibits and hosts events for the Cleveland Museum of Art for part of the year, and has its own exhibits and events other times.

While the outside of the building is interesting, what’s inside is even better. Schutz’s exhibit is a new series of paintings mostly created in the past year that reflect the turbulent political atmosphere that followed the 2016 presidential election.

Schutz says the uncertainty may be what unites us. “Many of the paintings depict dystopic scenes of conflict and shame. Subjects conceal and reveal themselves, trying to hold themselves together as well as the picture.”

Schutz received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art prior to earning her MFA from Columbia University. Her work has been exhibited internationally and collected by many institutions.

For hours and other information, visit transformerstation.org.

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