Year-End Style and Image Guide

Year-End Style and Image Guide



It’s common this time of year to review areas of our lives that we want to change or improve. One thing that impacts us every day is our wardrobe and personal image. It goes everywhere with us and influences how others perceive us and the skills we offer.

Try to be brutally honest as you work through the following steps to a refreshed wardrobe and personal image and take a candid look at the wardrobe choices you made this past year.

Before you go shopping, do an image review. If you’re active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, there are probably many photos of you. What do you see when you study images of yourself?

– Do you love your hairstyle?

– Guys, how does that beard or mustache look? Well groomed?

– Does your eyewear flatter your face shape and is it modern?

– Ladies, is your makeup still looking fresh and current?

– Are you wearing your power colors, texture, print and shine?

– Does it seem like you are wearing the same thing in every photo? HINT: If you wear mostly black or gray it looks like the same outfit on social media.

While studying those photos objectively, ask yourself a few questions:

– Would I date, hire or want to meet that person?

– Then ask, what is that person visually communicating to me? Modern, confident, influential, relatable, friendly, fun, polished, sexy? HINT: You get to choose.

– Is it possible those photos are saying you’re tired, bored, stuck, frumpy and unrelatable?


Next is the wardrobe review. What do you find?

Do you have items that:

– Don’t fit well?

– You’ve never worn, with tags still on?

– You like but rarely or never wear?

– You put on but then change your mind and take off?

– That make you feel confident?

– That you enjoy wearing and that always get you compliments?

– You like, but you skip wearing because they require ironing or dry cleaning?

– That are all very similar?

– That are worn, tired, lifeless or have pills?

Once you’ve gathered your thoughts and notes on what did and did not work for you this past year, decide how to move forward and create a plan that will simplify your daily process.


Try This

Consider how you want to feel each day and the type of interactions you value in your life. Use these life and style statements to get started, and then create your own. Often a life statement has a ripple effect in every area of your life.

Life and Style Statements:

– I want to attract romance into my life.

– I want a colorful, expressive life.

– I want new professional opportunities in my life.

– I want an effortless style and want to look polished.

– I want to be admired and noticed in my life.

Once you have a life statement, you can see what doesn’t align with that statement in your closet. Consider what frustrations you need to overcome to achieve your life and style statement.


Want more romance? Guys can wear more purple. A shirt, tie or pocket square will have women being cooperative and engaged. Ladies, wearing bold pink near your face is appealing to men.

What do you crave in your closet? What do you want in your life? Harness the power of your wardrobe. By reflecting your life statement, and you can enjoy a more vibrant life.

Changes to consider

– Wear structured clothing if you are rounded or very curvy.

– Create contrast by layering texture, shine and print in every outfit. These details will communicate that you are modern, ageless and detail-oriented.

– Proportion is the key to avoid appearing frumpy or stuck in a rut.

– If communicating confidence is a goal, adding color is an unspoken way of attracting others to your influence.

– Body language and facial expressions can invite or discourage the interactions you want.

– Organize your closet and routine to save you countless hours in the coming year.

Give yourself time to tackle these steps. Reach out for support from friends, family or professionals. Google where you need clarity. Celebrate your successes.

Along the way, you may have clothes and accessories you want to recycle by donating or selling. You also may decide to invest in organizational tools or services to reach your goals in your closet.

Here are a few online, local resources:

To get organized:

For clothing:


Traci McBride is a wardrobe and image stylist, and founded in 2008. Traci is passionate about sharing a different perspective by writing, speaking and teaching confidence and self-love through one’s personal image and wardrobe.

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Traci McBride is founder of She celebrates style everywhere she goes.

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