Northeast Ohio Medicare Insurance Guidance by Strachan-Novak Insurance Services

Northeast Ohio Medicare Insurance Guidance by Strachan-Novak Insurance Services

If you’ve turned 65 or are getting close to it, you’re likely swamped with information about Medicare plan options such as prescription drug plans, supplemental health insurance policies and Medicare Advantage plans.

Some folks may enjoy the challenge of figuring out the process of choosing health insurance coverage. After all, it’s important to choose the right coverage for your needs. However, if you’re not one of them, consider an appointment with a licensed sales agent who can help you navigate through the various options and help you get the right coverage for your health care needs.


Finding a Fit

Brokers (or agents) are licensed by the state and undergo annual required training and testing by the plans they sell.

There’s no cost for the service offered by a licensed sales agent because the agent is paid a commission by the private insurance carrier based on your enrollment in the plan.

 Consider meeting with an agent before you turn 65 so you can anticipate costs and coverage. Caregivers or family members who are helping make these decisions can participate in the meeting, too.


A licensed sales agent assures that your enrollment application gets properly completed, follows up with the carrier to ensure timely processing, and provides notification of your enrollment status.

The agent also will research prescription drug plans (PDP) because each has a list of covered drugs. An agent can help determine if your drugs are covered,  the co-pays associated with a plan and which plans to offer the best benefits for your situation.

In addition, the sales agent also verifies that your doctors, hospitals and other medical providers are in-network. This is an important step before selecting a plan because many Medicare plans have a network of doctors that they use.

An agent follows up annually to discuss changes to your medical needs, to discuss any upcoming changes to your current policy, and to provide updates on the health insurance industry.

George Popa is a licensed sales agent with Strachan-Novak Insurance Services in Twinsburg. He can be reached at 330-963-3800 or [email protected] Visit for more information.

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