Cleveland Radio Days

Cleveland Radio Days


Our pop culture columnist Mike Olszewski and his wife, Janice — authors of “Cleveland TV Tales,” Volumes 1 and 2 — are back with more stories, in “Cleveland Radio Tales.”


Read about radio hosts who performed in the nude, battled station owners (and sometimes brawled with each other), broke news stories, discovered new musical acts, and tried any stunt to draw listeners.


And keeping with the radio theme, Cleveland broadcasting legend John Lanigan got a rise out of radio listeners every weekday morning for more than 40 years. Now, in “Lanigan in the Morning: My Life in Radio,” he shares stories about breaking into the business, the early days of talk radio, interviewing politicians and porn stars, crazy publicity stunts, unusual remote broadcasts, hosting “Prize Movie” on TV and more.


You can find both books at Discount Drug Mart stores, area bookstores and online at, and the publisher,



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