Beginning Again

Beginning Again

- in Editor's Note, Winter 2016

It’s the theme of this issue, and I think it’s an especially good one for a magazine that caters to people in their 50s, 60s and 70s. After all, many of us —myself included — find ourselves starting over, exploring new opportunities or redefining our roles as parents, grandparents or caregivers.

At Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond, we cover issues important to members of this active and sometimes stressed generation. These beginnings, whether it’s a relationship, an “encore” career, changed living arrangements or an adventure or two, can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

I want the magazine to cover topics important to me and to my friends — issues regarding our adult kids, aging parents and our lives, which get wedged between the needs of both.

Fun is important, too. A few decades (or more) of adulthood have made me realize you have to give to yourself before you can give to others. However, you already knew that. Our cover story, Tom Lix, is a good example of someone who has embraced a fresh start — one he didn’t plan on, and then created a terrific business (see his story on pg. 26).

If you’ve found yourself suddenly single during this stage in life, dipping your toe into the dating pool can be scary. Our feature story can help you negotiate this new stage in life (pg. 18).

Like to roam? Check out our interview and read the advice from a seasoned traveler who’s seen and done plenty of cool things thanks to excursions through local senior centers (pg. 24).

Brain games, financial advice, book recommendations and a featured year. You’ll find those stories and more in this issue. Our goal is to cover areas that are germane to the interesting, complicated and sometimes exhausting life we’re leading in this second half, our best half, of life.

This magazine is a beginning for me, too. This issue is my first as editor. The position comes at a transitional time in my life. My kids are raised (one works in Virginia, the other in grad school in Oklahoma), and I’ll celebrate 30 years of marriage this spring.

I’ve got a vibrant circle of friends who epitomize the joy and occasional struggles of being in this age group. We find ourselves talking about new technology, old parents, unreliable knees, adult children and crummy sleep. It’s a great time to enter a new stage in life — even with the occasional aches and pains. We’ve earned this.

As for the magazine, let me know what you think. Send me your story ideas. Like us on Facebook. Or go ahead and send a note. Paper or email, I’ll read them all.

Have a great winter; spring is within sight.

About the author

Marie Elium spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter in Virginia and Ohio before switching to freelance writing when her two children were young. The kids are now Millennials, but writing continues to be one of her favorite endeavors. Marie was named editor of Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond magazine in November 2015 and is a graduate of Miami University.

Marie can be reached at
[email protected]

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