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November December 2018

Cheers to a No-Regrets (and Fit) Holiday

2018 Editions , Fitness , November December 2018

Let’s face it: It’s tough to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan during the holidays Everywhere we ...
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Boom! Look Familiar? That's Because It Is

2018 Editions , Arts & Entertainment , Magazine , November December 2018 , Pop Culture

Boom Pop Culture Chronicles A couple weeks back, I got a surprise when I heard about plans by two ’70s band...
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Giving with a Plan

2018 Editions , Magazine , Money , November December 2018 , Resources

By Michael Freeman The Salvation Army NEO America is a generous country Over 67 percent of American household...
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Stuffing Traditions for a Happy Holiday

2018 Editions , Editor's Note , Magazine , November December 2018

    Like holiday ribbon and Christmas lights, we’re spiraling headlong into the season of tangled...
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Missing Teeth? New Materials, Techniques Make a Difference

2018 Editions , Health & Wellness , Magazine , November December 2018

By Dr Steve Marsh Many of our parents and their generation thought that over their lifetime it was "natural" to ...
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Jigsaw Puzzles - Have a Piece-ful Family Gathering

2018 Editions , Featured , Fun , Magazine , November December 2018

  Don’t compete with a cell phone That’s what you learn when older grandkids visit over the holidays...
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Get as Much as You Give with Volunteering

2018 Editions , Legal , Magazine , November December 2018 , Volunteerism

  Volunteering your time and energy helps strengthen your community and helps others Plus, researchers are ...
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NEO Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Local, Off-Beat and (Just a Little Bit) Lazy

2018 Editions , Latest News , Magazine , November December 2018 , Resources

  You make your list; you check it twice Then there’s nothing nicer than settling back in your comfy chai...
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Grandparenting: Giving the Giving Gene

Grandparenting , Magazine , NEO Grandparent , November December 2018 , Volunteerism

Grandparents can share many traditions and values with their grandchildren, including the love of giving back throu...
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Finances: Don't Let Them Down

2018 Editions , Financial Planning , Magazine , November December 2018

  By Danny Smith   It’s easy to find classic rock tunes about parents and parenting A few tha...
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Tech Talk: Gadgets to the Rescue

2018 Editions , November December 2018 , Technology

By Tak Sato NEO Boomer and Beyond Tech Columnist   Wearable pendants with a button to summon help —...
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Find a Seat for Diet Restrictions at Your Holiday Table

2018 Editions , Arts & Entertainment , Featured , Food & Nutrition , Health & Wellness , November December 2018

  By John Selick IV Cooking for the holidays has always been a stressful job, especially today when it s...
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A Full (University) Circle of Fun

Fun , Magazine , November December 2018 , Outdoors , Things to do , Travel

Cleveland’s University Circle squeezes more culture into one square mile than anywhere else in Ohio Go for the mu...
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Help Wanted: Is Volunteering Your Fountain of Youth?

Magazine , November December 2018

Considering taking the plunge into volunteering? Take a peek online and you’ll find a pool of over 3 million poss...
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Fowl Weather - Winter Birding Basics, NEO-Style

2018 Editions , Fun , Hobbies , Magazine , November December 2018 , Outdoors , Things to do , Uncategorized

By Matt Valencic   Birding in Northeast Ohio is good every month of the year if you know where to go and...
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Worth Noting: Night Lights, An Artful Life, It's a Woman Thing

2018 Editions , November December 2018 , Outdoors , Things to do , Worth Noting

Great Nights for Lights Save the Untangling for Others When we first moved to Northeast Ohio, my husband and ...
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We've Got Volunteers Galore: Read About Them in Our New Issue

Featured , Magazine , November December 2018 , Outdoors , Things to do , Uncategorized

We're inching closer and closer to the holiday season, and the pressure is on for the perfect gifts, holiday menus ...
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May/June 2018

Summer Camp - Minus the Tents

May/June 2018 , Outdoors

Ah, summer camp! That annual ritual of swimming, hiking, crafting and bug-bite-getting We may have outgrown bunk...
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One, Two, Three and Breathe

Health & Wellness , May/June 2018

Mind Health By Judith Macek What is an effective or healthy way to cope with stress? Whether it’s p...
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Editor's Note: My Terrifying Summer

Editor's Note , May/June 2018

  Our theme for this May/June issue is “Inside the Great Outdoors” Summer is my favorite time of year, ...
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Open Wide and Smile - Modern treatment and After Care are Key to Healthy Teeth

Health & Wellness , May/June 2018

I see many new patients who come to our office for "smile makeovers" Some do it for a special occasion, while other...
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Grandparent Legal Checklist

Grandparenting , Legal , May/June 2018

  In such a youth-oriented society, it’s easy to feel over the hill at age 50 or 60 It really is the prim...
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Elder Care Solutions for the Sandwich Generation

Legal , May/June 2018

  By Kabb Law What and who is the Sandwich Generation? It’s group of people mostly between the ages of...
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Muscle is Your Body's Best Doctor

Fitness , Health & Wellness , May/June 2018

  Research leaves no doubt and the scientific proof is so overwhelming, it’s shocking that building muscl...
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It's a Date: Get to Know One Another in the Great NEO Outdoors

May/June 2018 , Outdoors , Things to do

Dating later in life can conjure up many emotions It’s best to tap into the positive ones and focus on the journe...
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Boom! Broadcasters in the Rearview Mirror

Arts & Entertainment , May/June 2018 , Pop Culture

  Ever think we’d see the end of radio? Many of us remember when radio personalities were as important a...
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Ask the Orthopedist: When Hands Aren't Very Handy

Health & Wellness , May/June 2018

  By Scott M Zimmer, MD QUESTION Why do I have numbness in my hand at night? ANSWER If you eve...
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Amble Down to Amish Country

Cars and Driving , May/June 2018 , Outdoors , Travel

About 90 minutes south of Cleveland, Holmes County has the largest Amish and Mennonite population in the world Stop...
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Go Ahead, Take the Grandkids and Enjoy These Local Animal Encounters

Fun , Grandparenting , May/June 2018 , Outdoors

  Most kids like animals Here are NEO animal encounters perfect for both grandkids and grandparents &nbs...
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The Spicy Lamb Farm: The Wild, Woolly World of Life in a National Park Farm

Featured , May/June 2018 , Outdoors , Travel , Volunteerism

  The Spicy Lamb Farm   On this day, the vibe at The Spicy Lamb Farm is energetic and a bit fren...
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Living, Working & Adjusting with Parkinson's

Health & Wellness , May/June 2018 , Things to do

Profile   Jim Dehart Jr & Parkinson’s Disease Working, Living and Adjusting We talked to Jim...
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NEO's Outdoor Summer Concerts - Fun, Free & Alfresco

May/June 2018 , Resources , Things to do

    The only thing we like better than great music is listening to great music outdoors Make that t...
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Travel Assurance: Communicate with Confidence Abroad

May/June 2018 , May/June 2018 , Technology

If your summer plans include a trip abroad, avoid phone service sticker shock by tapping into the internet The i...
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March/April 2018

Ten Questions for Veteran Indians Broadcaster Tom Hamilton

Featured , March/April 2018 , Outdoors , Sports

The Veteran Tribe Sportscaster Talks Players, Fans & Chief Wahoo   Indians fans fall into two catego...
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Tech Talk: It's Not You, It's Them. Technology Terms are Confusing

March/April 2018 , Resources , Technology

Tech Talk   By Tak Sato   The mechanic said “you need a new cat,” but I had no clue what ...
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Pop Culture Chronicles - Signs of the Season

March/April 2018 , Pop Culture

Boom Pop Culture Chronicles Mike Olszewski   Springtime Harbingers Opening Day, Drive-Up Restau...
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Dig It: NEO's Not-So-Secret Gardens and Museums (You're Gonna Like 'Em)

Fun , March/April 2018 , Outdoors , Resources

  April showers bring May flowers, right? But you don’t have to wait around for those babies to bloom at ...
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A Film Fest, Rock Music and Kate

March/April 2018 , Resources , Things to do , Worth Noting

Movie Magic Grab a Seat at Cleveland International Film Festival   Provocative Profound Poignant ...
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Tidy Your Estate Plan

Legal , March/April 2018

Many folks see springtime as a time of renewal, new life and a fresh start When you start your household cleaning t...
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NEO Outdoor Trends for 2018 and Beyond

March/April 2018 , Outdoors

This time of year marks the end of winter and the fresh start of spring with beautifully landscaped gardens, hardsc...
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High Tech Dentistry: Better Views, Better Patient Experience

Health & Wellness , March/April 2018

  By Dr Steve Marsh I’m back from the Chicago Dental Society's Midwinter Meeting, and the focus this y...
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Spring Clean Your Health & Fitness Routine

Fitness , March/April 2018

  Fitness   When you make your list of spring cleaning projects this year, I’m guessing it wil...
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Destination: Akron ... RubberDucks, a Wine Train and a Zoo, Too

Get Away , Hobbies , March/April 2018 , Outdoors

  Who Wouldn’t Want to Spend a Day in Akron? When you don’t have time for a full vacation but need a...
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A Brain Game: This One's Tough

Health & Wellness , March/April 2018 , Things to do

  Mind Matters Brain Games   What is the word? The first two letters and the last two letters...
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Books for Spring

Arts & Entertainment , March/April 2018

Book Shelf   Renewal, rejuvenation, gardening, hiking and baseball Sure sounds like spring, doesn’t it...
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Ask the Ortho: What are My Options for Pain Control?

Health & Wellness , March/April 2018

  QUESTION I suffer from constant, dull lower back pain Is surgery my only option for relief? ANSWER ...
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Why Ex-College Cheerleaders Shouldn't be Gym Teachers

Editor's Note , March/April 2018

I enjoy following Cleveland teams, and I’m a big fan of players who remain in NEO long after their careers are ov...
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Life Coaches: They Can Keep You Swinging When Life Throws You a Curveball

March/April 2018 , Personal Improvement

  In middle age and beyond, the familiar roles of parent, employee, son, daughter, husband or wife can be u...
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Backyard Bounty - Community Gardens Nurture Neighborhoods — and Neighbors

Food & Nutrition , March/April 2018 , Outdoors , Things to do

  Late winter’s muck mood swings have passed, and while everyone in NEO is ready for warmer weather, comm...
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January/February 2018

Brain Game (Go Ahead, It's Not that Hard)

Fitness , Health & Wellness , January/February 2018

    What do these words have in common?   Example: Snow, popsicles, wax melt   Car...
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We're the Last of the Great Collectors (or why no one wants our stuff)

Featured , January/February 2018 , Pop Culture

Boom! Pop Culture Chronicles So, here we are, a new year and the usual list of resolutions that didn’t last a ...
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Skip the Scalpel

Health & Wellness , January/February 2018

If you want to kick off the new year with a new look, there are plenty of ways to iron out wrinkles and suck out fa...
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What's Your Fitness Motivation?

Fitness , January/February 2018

Brace yourself Nearly 50 percent of people who begin an exercise program drop out within the first six months, acco...
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Nice & Bright: Your Teeth Deserve It

Health & Wellness , January/February 2018

  As 2018 begins, and we start to work on our resolutions, shouldn't we spend time on ourselves and our app...
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A Legal Form Bucket List

January/February 2018 , Legal

Legal   It’s fun to make a bucket list of all the exciting things you want to accomplish before you di...
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Smooth Sale-ing. Find Your Realtor Fit

January/February 2018 , Money

    By Dianna Hosta-Stickney Now that you’ve made the decision to move, the next big decision ...
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Meet the Ultimate Outsiders - Tom and Rosalie Franek

Fun , January/February 2018 , Profiles

Regardless of the weather, our cover couple, Rosalie and Tom Franek of Hiram, find plenty to do outside throughout ...
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Take Your Coat Off and Enjoy the Winter Indoors

Fitness , Get Away , Health & Wellness , January/February 2018

I'm suspicious of any activity that requires a signature on a liability waiver I’ve gone years, in fact, find...
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What’s Your Plan? Pursuing Purpose Post-Retirement

January/February 2018 , Personal Improvement

Why do some people thrive after retirement, while others seem to fade away? The difference is often between...
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Tech Boom(ers): Go Ahead, Get Social Online

Education & Technology , January/February 2018 , Resources , Technology

    One of the most frequently asked technology questions by Boomers and older adults is not that t...
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Looking for Love, Cool Art, a Home & Garden Show

January/February 2018 , Worth Noting

  Looking for Love (or Maybe Just Like) Are Your Dating Moves Out of Date?   Valentine’s Da...
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A Mid-Winter Reprieve; Finding Stillness

Editor's Note , Editor's Note , January/February 2018

Winter catches me by surprise I know it’s coming, but I always think I have another weekend to plant spring bulbs...
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Winter Wonders - Our Region's Best Outdoor Places to Explore

January/February 2018 , Outdoors

  Who’s afraid of a few snowflakes? Cold and snow are no excuse to stay indoors When you’re properly dr...
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