Bury Yourself in Fall Color at Lake View Cemetery

Bury Yourself in Fall Color at Lake View Cemetery

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If Lake View Cemetery is good enough for a president, a handful of gangsters and John D. Rockefeller, then it’s good enough for the rest of us.

That’s especially true in the fall. Lake View Cemetery’s Victorian-style landscaping explodes with autumn foliage, giving a flamboyant backdrop to the somber setting.

Old cemetery enthusiasts already have Lake View on their radar. This is a cemetery designed for strolling, with plenty of roads for rambling and contemplation.

If you’re looking for tours, visit lakeviewcemetery.com for the latest offerings.

On Sept. 30, the Lake View Cemetery Foundation is hosting an iPhone Fall Walking Tour led by landscape photographer, writer and educator Ian Adams.

He’ll give demonstrations on how to use an iPhone to take fall landscape photography. For preregistration and fee information, visit lakeviewcemetery.com.

Lake View Cemetery is east of Cleveland. It’s the final resting place for more than 104,000 people, with burials continuing through today. Founded in 1869, its 285 acres are a peaceful place to visit in any season.

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