Get as Much as You Give with Volunteering


Volunteering your time and energy helps strengthen your community and helps others. Plus, researchers are finding definitive links between volunteerism and important emotional and physical benefits.

Why Do It?

Volunteering decreases the risk of depression and dementia for both the volunteer and the recipient. It provides increased social interactions and a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment for both. The National Institute on Aging reported that participating in volunteer activities lowers the risk of dementia and other health problems.

Successful aging requires physical activity. Helping with a local sports team or walking as a companion to help another promotes physical and mental fitness. Older volunteers experience greater life satisfaction and increased perceived health.

The anti-depression effects and physical activity also can help reduce stress. This can help boost the immune system, promote better health and cut the risk of disease.

Giving your time to others also can make you feel like you have more time to give. A Wharton College study found that volunteers felt more capable, confident and useful. This feeling boosts self-esteem and makes you feel like you can accomplish even more. Plus, folks who volunteer by giving not only time but also money can feel wealthier, again boosting mental health.


Face Time

Social isolation is a major problem for older adults, and volunteerism can help you make new friends and strengthen existing relationships. A strong social network can aid in practicing social skills and aging successfully.

Studies also point out the benefits of intergenerational relationships. Many high school students are encouraged to volunteer to bolster college applications. Seniors who volunteer can engage with this younger generation of volunteers, creating lasting friendships and shared experiences.

Retirement can be difficult for seniors, especially when someone is forced out at a relatively young age. Starting a new “career” by volunteering fills the void left by not having a workplace to go to every day.

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NEO’s Heartbeat – We Salute Our Volunteers

We give our time, money and talent each year to hundreds of organizations. Thousands of volunteer hours, millions of dollars in donations and a mind-blowing array of skills are this region’s heartbeat. We’re leading hikes, reading to kids, mentoring entrepreneurs, walking dogs, caring for the ailing, sorting food, building houses — the list is as varied as the people who volunteer. ...
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Discover Your Next Chapter with Encore Cleveland

Whether you’re a grandparent, the face of retirement is changing. Many of us nearing the end of or already retired from our primary careers want to remain active and engaged in the community.

Retirement today isn’t defined by idle time; it’s an opportunity to experiment with a second act, whether volunteering, working part-time or turning a hobby into a small business. Everyone benefits — both those who stay active and socially engaged in retirement as well as their communities that are made better from their expertise, time and passion.

A Second Chance, a Second Calling

That’s the idea behind Encore Cleveland, launched in 2013 by the Cleveland Foundation to connect and fund a network of organizations that match experienced Greater Clevelanders with an array of meaningful opportunities in the community.

“Looking at the data, 30 percent of the Cuyahoga County population will be age 55 or older by 2030,” says Kathy Hallissey, Cleveland Foundation program director, leadership development. “These people have decades of career experience and knowledge under their belts. What if we could harness their time and talent to fill needs in the community? That’s what Encore Cleveland aims to do.”

Encore Cleveland programs — offered through more than nine nonprofit partners — include volunteer positions, paid positions and educational programs to help Greater Clevelanders discover their next chapter.

How does a one-day volunteer project sound? Or a paid fellowship at a nonprofit organization? Or maybe you want to learn how to launch your own business.

Encore Cleveland offers something for everyone. Get to know the opportunities available through Encore Cleveland and find one that fits your interests and schedule. To learn more, visit ClevelandFoundation.org/Encore, call 216-391-9032 or email [email protected]

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Wanted: Reading Tutors

“Students make progress from the personal academic assistance as well as the relationship that develops with their tutor. Volunteers benefit by being able to share their enjoyment of reading and their life experiences in order to make a difference in a child’s life.” ...
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Join Our Team; The 2018 Cleveland Walk to End Alzheimer’s

We’re team players at Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond and Parent magazines. And we want YOU on OUR team!
Join us on Saturday, Oct. 13 for the 2018 Cleveland Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Register to walk with our team (go to the drop-down menu and check Northeast Ohio Parent/Boomer under “Local Teams”) and meet us at the Great Lakes Science Center.
On-site registration is at 8 a.m., the kickoff ceremony is at 10, followed by the walk through downtown Cleveland. Stay for the after-party events.
Not a walker? Consider a donation to this terrific cause. Just check the box online to donate through our team.
Walkers raising $50 or more will get a free limited-edition Boomer and Beyond T-shirt.
To join our team and for more information go act.alz.or
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Tickets Available Now for July 28 Cleveland Autism Speaks Chef Gala

Cleveland’s top culinary talent gathers for an unforgettable evening to raise funds and awareness for Autism Speaks and the autism community. ...
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