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A Brain Game: This One’s Tough


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What is the word? The first two letters and the last two letters are the same. Try solving them without looking at the letter pairs below. If you need to take a peek, go ahead, but do not fill in the letters right away. Come back to it several hours later. How many did you remember?

EXAMPLE     _ _ u c a t _ _    ANSWER (ed): educated


  •      _ _ i  _ _
  •      _ _ m a _ _
  •      _ _ r m i  _ _
  •      _ _ u r _ _
  •      _ _ e l l f i _ _
  •      _ _ a s _  _




  •         _ _ t i _ _
  •         _ _ a d a c _ _
  •         _ _ e p s a _ _


OPTIONS    he  te  sh   er   ke   re  on   to   ch   


1    o n i o n
2    t o m a t o
3    t e r m i t e
4    c h u r c h
5    s h e l l f i s h
6    e r a s e r

7    r e t i r e
8    h e a d a c h e
9    k e e p s a k e


Improving your focus is important for enhancing your remembering skills. Distractions are not your friend.  Practice periodically just being in the present moment. Give something your full attention. Eat a meal and do not do anything else. When driving in your car alone, do not listen to any audio.  
  This puzzle and memory tip is provided by Kathryn Kilpatrick, a speech-language pathologist. She is available for Memory Fitness and Keep Your Brain Sharp programs and private consultations.

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Ask the Ortho: What are My Options for Pain Control?



I suffer from constant, dull lower back pain. Is surgery my only option for relief?


Back and neck pain are, unfortunately, one of the most common reasons patients visit our office. There are many causes of neck and back pain, and about 95 percent of patients can manage conservatively with physical therapy, cortisone injections, massage, osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation, medications and time.

When these treatments have failed to alleviate the pain, conventional treatment may turn to surgery to take away the pain. In many cases, however, surgery is not the best answer and sometimes may not even help a patient.

Advanced Stem Cell Treatments Can Help

Early research has shown that treatment with non-surgical regenerative therapies such as bone marrow concentrate (stem cell) injections and prolotherapy have been helpful for treating a number of conditions for the spine. Regenerative medicine treatments activate your body’s own adult stem cells and blood platelets to stimulate healing and speed repair for bone, muscle, joint, soft tissue and nerve injuries.

We all have healing stem cells in our bodies. Primarily found in bone marrow and fatty tissue, these cells act as repairmen and can regenerate into the type of cell that is needed when injected into an injured area. There are several kinds of stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are the type that we use in orthopedic treatments.

MSCs have the strongest potential to repair muscle, bone, joint and soft tissue injuries.

These cells have the ability to self-replicate, reduce inflammation and differentiate into cartilage, bone, muscle and fat cells to help the body regenerate the lost tissue in the injured area.

They can activate your body’s ability to heal itself.

Healing Back Pain

For example, when these cells are placed in an injured environment, such as a degenerated disc of the back, the cells will recognize that the disc cells have started to break down and will help to regenerate them to give the discs more water content and volume.

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Heart Health – Do You Know What to Do In an Emergency?

By the Cleveland Clinic

CLEVELAND – Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.

Knowing how to spot a heart health emergency and knowing what to do can save someone’s life.

But, a new Cleveland Clinic survey shows many Americans often confuse symptoms and aren’t sure how to help.

The survey results showed 87 percent of respondents believe cardiac arrest is another term for heart attack – but they’re actually very different.

“Somebody that has had a cardiac arrest, that’s not the same as a heart attack,” says Steve Nissen, M.D., chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. “Cardiac arrest is when the heart is either beating wildly or not beating at all and there’s no blood flow.”

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, can be a life-saver during cardiac arrest, but the survey revealed only one in six people know the recommended technique.

“There’s been a change in recent years to chest compressions only, without mouth-to-mouth breathing,” says Dr. Nissen. “Many people didn’t know that in the adult, really all you have to do are chest compressions and many people didn’t know the rate at which to do them. The best rate is somewhere between 100 and 120 times per minute.”

When it comes to a heart attack – where a coronary artery becomes blocked – people often confuse the symptoms with those of a stroke.

“Many people in our survey thought that having slurred speech or weakness is actually a symptom of heart attack, when in fact that’s a symptom of stroke,” says Dr. Nissen. “People who have a heart attack are going to have pain; usually in the center of the chest; it can go to the jaw or down the left, or down both arms. It’s often associated with nausea or shortness of breath.”

The survey also found that most people having a heart attack know to call 9-1-1 first, but only about one third know to chew an aspirin as well.

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An NEO Winter: A Bird in the Hand, Snowshoes, and Ice – Lots of Ice

Cleveland Metroparks has plenty of parks to explore in winter, but our region's county parks have a lot going on, too. Start your tour in Geauga County, which has a full slate of outdoor (and free) activities this winter. ...
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One Veteran’s PTSD Journey Program Offered through Entrust Program in Geauga County

On average, 20 veterans die each day in our country by suicide. Briar Hill is proud to partner with other leaders in the area as we stand by our veterans, be a part of the solution to this national public health issue, and prevent any family from facing further tragedy. ...
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When It Comes to Fighting the Flu, Boomers Get an “F”

Boomers have decades of nasty flu seasons behind them, which should, in theory, help their very "exposed" immune systems better fight against this year's nasty flu epidemic. But not this year. ...
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Brain Game (Go Ahead, It’s Not that Hard)



What do these words have in common?  

Example: Snow, popsicles, wax melt


  1. Cards, porch, ship a deck
  2. Checks, baseball, emails bounce
  3. Clothes, paper, towels fold
  4. Safes, codes, walnuts crack
  5. Toy, car, door knob rattle
  6. Butterfly, flavor, situation delicate
  7. Meeting, mind, book open and close
  8. Superman, time, squirrel fly
  9. Nose, paint, faucet drip
  10. Maine, Georgia, Oregon border an ocean


Challenge your brain with a variety of activities.  

Start with a four- or five- letter word and spell it forward then backward. For example, clock would be kcolc.
When that becomes easier for you, try doing longer words. Another idea is to pair the letters of the alphabet from A to Z  with a corresponding number.
Start with A1, B2, etc. If that is too easy, try it in reverse: A26, B25, etc.


This puzzle and memory tip is provided by Kathryn Kilpatrick, a speech-language pathologist. She is available for Memory Fitness and Keep Your Brain Sharp programs and private consultations. Visit for more brain game resources.

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Skip the Scalpel

If you want to kick off the new year with a new look, there are plenty of ways to iron out wrinkles and suck out fat —  all without having to go under the knife.

Age, genetics and sun exposure play a role in how we look, says Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal, a cosmetic dermatologist. Non-surgical options generally are divided into three categories: injectables, lasers and other procedures such as chemical peels.

While most non-surgical cosmetic procedures are fairly simple, she recommends using a physician for injections or laser treatments.

“I tell people there’s not on person out there who doesn’t want to look their best. They want to age gracefully,” Dr. Khetarpal says. Skin generally starts showing signs of aging when we’re in our 30s, and some procedures such as Botox injections can be done as soon as smile or brow lines begin to show.

When or if to begin treatment is a matter of personal preference. “Today I treated someone who is 25 and someone who is 91,” Dr. Khetarpal says.


Here’s what’s popular in Northeast Ohio:

Chemical Peels

Sure, you’re beautiful just the way you are. But even the finest artwork could use some polishing. Chemical peels are good for acne scarring, pigmentation issues, removing redness (for folks with rosacea), shrinking pores and anti-aging.

Local medical esthetician Andrea Fenda of Apex Dermatology says chemical peels tend to get an undeserved bad rap. “People think of chemical peels and they think bloody and oozy. But there are many different types and strengths. You would come in for a consult, and they see what’s best for you.”

Are they painful?

“You feel a tingly sensation, so you hold a fan to feel comfortable. You may be pink or red when you leave, but you can resume normal activity,” she says.

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