Cheers to a No-Regrets (and Fit) Holiday

Remember: You want to enjoy the holidays, not be miserable from deprivation. This means that you will allow yourself occasional treats and splurges and keep the scale where it is rather than trying to actually decrease your weight. ...
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Keeping Up with the Grandkids

When it comes to grandkids, there are two types of stamina that you need: variety stamina and physical stamina. Variety stamina is the ability to quickly move from one thing to the next without getting worn out. ...
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Yes, Those were Cyclists and Yes, They were Planting Trees

For the past eight years, Susan Paul, age 65, of Aurora, has participated in and completed the annual Tour des Trees.  Her and her husband Wade Peterson, also age 65 and the Ohio co-founder of the event, are part of the 18 member Team Ohio group that participated in Tour des Trees.  ...
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Go Ahead, Drink that Extra Cuppa Joe

Coffee lovers, we've got great news for you. Drink up. Seems all that caffeine is full of antioxidants. Dying for a cup of coffee may lower your chances of actually dying. Just skip the sweet additives and fattening creams. ...
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5 Key Ways to Lose Weight After 50

If you think your weight gain may have something to do with midlife stress (aging parents, college tuition bills and managerial responsibilities at work, anyone?), this approach may be especially helpful to have in your weight-loss toolbox. ...
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Shape Up for Summer; Eat at Home

Meals made at home need not mirror those ordered in restaurants. On the contrary, simple is better when it comes to home cooking. Plan your entire meal around a couple of pieces of fresh produce and a wholesome, lean protein. No need for complicated sauces or sides — these are where the harmful calories hide, anyway. ...
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Wearables: A Smart Path to Better Fitness

Even LeBron James has used a fitness tracker of his own. At one time, James was using a rather pricey wearable called Whoop, which according to the ESPN report provided “actionable and behavioral recommendations tailored to the user, depending on the information it receives.”  ...
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Muscle is Your Body’s Best Doctor


Research leaves no doubt and the scientific proof is so overwhelming, it’s shocking that building muscle is not prescribed as THE frontline defense against disease.


Unfortunately, taking control of your health and fitness is significantly underpublicized in our hectic, media-frenzied world. In short, fatty muscles are killing you.


After you reach the age of about 16 to 20, your body naturally stops growing new muscle. That’s when the power of youth stops working in your favor.


Every second of every day, most of our 100 trillion cells in our body are busy creating new cells to replace old ones that are damaged or dying.

If you don’t do something to keep your muscles activated and strong, fat begins to invade the sedentary muscles, boring itself deeper and deeper into your muscle tissue — marbleizing the muscle much like a fatty cut of steak.

The wasting of muscle tissue damages the metabolic processes that take place and weakens your body’s natural immunity in direct correlation to the amount of muscle you lose. Over many years, the ravishing effects on the body threatens the health and independence of millions of Americans.


If that were not enough, things can get even worse for the female population. The average woman loses 0.5 pounds of muscle each year and gains 1.5 pounds of fat. By the time she turns 50, nearly half of her body weight is fat.


Hope and Help


Many world-renowned, peer-reviewed medical journals and scientists have established that an improper fat-to-muscle ratio — too much fat in your muscles or intramuscular fat — leaves us vulnerable to a host of nightmarish health problems.


According to a new report from the National Center for Biotechnology, lack of strength and muscle tone causes sarcopenia — a wasting of muscle tissue — leading to weakness, disability, increased hospitalization, immobility and loss of independence.

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