March/April 2018

March/April 2018

Ten Questions for Veteran Indians Broadcaster Tom Hamilton

On Jim Thome in the Hall of Fame: I’m absolutely thrilled. He is one of my all-time favorite players and he’s one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met. It’s so appropriate (because) he’s a true Cleveland Indians player developed through the system. ...
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Tech Talk: It’s Not You, It’s Them. Technology Terms are Confusing

Resist becoming intimidated by jargon and overused tech terms that keep you from the wonderful benefits that come from digital literacy. Remembering that the digital world mimics the real world can help you decipher jargon. ...
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Pop Culture Chronicles – Signs of the Season


Pop Culture Chronicles

Mike Olszewski


Springtime Harbingers

Opening Day, Drive-Up Restaurants and … Wizard World?


We’re finally shaking off Old Man Winter. When the Indians’ equipment trucks head West, you know more daylight, warmer weather and the opening of drive-up restaurants are right around the corner.

For my wife and me, it’s pop culture convention season. Now let me make this clear. We stand in line for tickets just like everyone else, but we stand in a lot of lines because there are so many of them. Most are just an hour or two away, and most have a Cleveland connection.

The Wizard World show at the Cleveland Convention Center in March is huge, and there’s always plenty of star power. There’s Wizard World Columbus in June, and both shows are similar to the San Diego Comic-Con International.

What started out as comic book conventions are now about TV shows, pro wrestling, movies and more. You see Lou Ferrigno, the guy who played the Incredible Hulk, at a lot of these. He used to live in Columbus and he visits friends when he travels to Ohio.

Which brings us to movies. Last issue I mentioned Cinevent 50 in Columbus, and I got a couple of emails asking what it was about. It’s one of the oldest film conventions in the country, an annual event that marks 50 years this Memorial Day weekend. Morrie Everett from Cleveland sets up his movie poster auction there that brings people in from around the world.

Just over the state line in Mars, Pennsylvania, is Monster Bash. There are two of them, one in June and one in October.

I’ve said before that so many Clevelanders show up there you think Mars is in Northeast Ohio. Promoter Ron Adams convinced Joe Flaherty from the old SCTV show to make an appearance in October.

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Dig It: NEO’s Not-So-Secret Gardens and Museums (You’re Gonna Like ‘Em)

Garden and gallery hopping should be on your Spring menu; Northeast Ohio has plenty to see both outdoors and in. Stop and smell the roses, then check out a troll museum. We've got lots to see - enjoy! ...
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A Film Fest, Rock Music and Kate

Movie Magic

Grab a Seat at Cleveland International Film Festival


Provocative. Profound. Poignant.

Sure, amid all the kid flicks, superhero fare and romcoms, you can still see a few movies for grownups at your local cineplex. But if you want to see a bunch of terrific and — go ahead and say it — sometimes funky films, don’t miss the 42nd Cleveland International Film Festival.

More than 100,000 people are expected this year for CIFF April 4-15 at Tower City Cinemas.

With 200 feature films and 200 short subject films representing 70 countries, you’re bound to find something that inspires, confuses and entertains you. Ticket sales begin March 23. Go to


A Hall of Fame for Cool People

If You Can’t Get a Ticket, At Least Get a T-Shirt

The 33rd annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is back in Cleveland April 14, and with it comes a week of special events for those of us (almost everyone) who won’t be hobnobbing with rock royalty and uber-connected folks at Public Auditorium for the actual event.

Visit the hall of fame website,, for details. You can catch the ceremony on HBO later this spring.

The inductees are Bon Jovi, The Cars, Dire Straits, The Moody Blues and Nina Simone, and receiving the Award for Early Influence is Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Oh, and about that T-shirt: You can order a 2018 inductee shirt at or buy one at the hall of fame gift shop.


Tackle Technology

(It Won’t Hurt a Bit)

Do you butt dial your grandkids? Have your Facebook skills turned you into a social media pariah? Fear not, tech-challenged friends. It’s almost time for the second annual Living in the Digital World Senior Expo at the Don Umerley Civic Center in Rocky River.

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Tidy Your Estate Plan

Many folks see springtime as a time of renewal, new life and a fresh start. When you start your household cleaning this year, think of your important papers, too.

Everyone should have a Last Will and Testament, a Financial Power of Attorney, a Health Care Power of Attorney and a Living Will Declaration. Too many people see these documents as a once-and-done proposition. Nothing could be further from the truth. They need to be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure they still meet your needs. Times change, and so must your documents.

Keep Up

How do you know when it’s time to make a change? A good time frame is that you should review your documents every three to five years. Tax, trust, estate and financial law changes may impact your documents.

For example, the repeal of the Ohio estate tax rules several years ago allowed many folks to simplify their planning, eliminating the need for complicated Trust Agreements. The ramifications of the most recent tax changes are still being evaluated. That could signal a trip to the attorney to find out if they affect you.

Changes in family situations can mean updates for your will or powers of attorney. Examples are illness, death, marriage or divorce of a family member, executor, trustee, guardian or beneficiary. A job change or loss also could impact estate planning documents.

If you have started your own business or become involved in a partnership, or closely held corporation, not only might your documents need to be changed, but your tax situation could be affected. A large increase in assets from an inheritance is another signal that it’s time for a review.

Changes in mental or physical health requiring long-term health care planning definitely mean that you need to consult an elder law attorney for guidance.

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NEO Outdoor Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Hardscape projects are what pay off in the long-run. Professionally installed, high-quality stonework that is planned correctly will give any property additional resale value. ...
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High Tech Dentistry: Better Views, Better Patient Experience

When it comes to taking radiographs (X-rays), all dentists should be using the digital technique. A sensor, rather than film, is placed in the patient's mouth. The image shows up on a computer screen that the dentist and patient can immediately look at so that a diagnosis can be made and explained. ...
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