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Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art comes to CMA

Arts & Entertainment Fun Things to do
The exhibition presents about 125 works in different media—calligraphy, painting, sculpture, costume and decorative arts—assembled from more than 20 religious institutions and museums in Japan, including the Nara National Museum, and Shinto shrines from across Japan, including Kasuga Taisha (Nara) and Hōfu Tenmangū(Yamaguchi), as well as from 12 collections in the United States, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. Most works from Japan are on view in the US for the first time. ...
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How Old Are You? That Depends, According to Cleveland Clinic Researchers

Health & Wellness
Cleveland Clinic Research Shows ‘Estimated Age’ from Exercise Stress Test is Better Indicator than Actual Age of How Long You Live. Hmm, maybe you're not as old as you feel. ...
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Mentor Library’s March Programs Feature Plenty to Do

Arts & Entertainment Fun Latest News Things to do
Have you checked out your local public library lately? You'll likely find a wide array of speakers, classes, special events and other activities that will help you get through these last few weeks of winter. Public libraries aren't just for kids; they've got plenty of adult-sized programming, too. ...
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Ooh, la la. WITAN’s 42nd French Market Set for February 22 and 23

Arts & Entertainment Fun Things to do
Shop. Eat. Enjoy great local art. Support a good cause. What could be a better way to spend a February day than a few hours at the French Market in Akron? ...
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Orchid Mania Hits Cleveland – Lovely, Odd, and Fragrant (at least a few of them are)

Fun Home & Garden Things to do
Did you know that orchid hunters risked their lives to seek out the most unusual specimens of the plant in jungles and treetops around the world? Save yourself the trouble and head over the to botanical gardens for the annual Orchid Mania show. ...
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15 Reasons You’ll Go Broke in Retirement. Hint: Don’t Live Too Long or Spent Too Much

Financial Planning Money Real Estate Resources Work & Retirement
Emergencies don’t end when retirement begins. A single home or auto repair – say, you need to replace your roof or get a new transmission – can strike a devastating blow to the budgets of fixed-income retirees who don’t have money set aside for just such calamities. ...
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Savor the Sweet Season of Maple Syrup & Pancakes at Hale Farm and Village

Fun Things to do
Remember tapping maple trees in late winter and boiling the clear, sweet liquid down into glossy maple syrup? Nah, neither do we. If your idea of a perfect pancake topper is maple flavored corn syrup served in a Golden Griddle bottle, good for you. It's what most of us were raised on and, frankly, it tastes great. But if you want to see the real stuff then head over to Hale Farm & Village for a maple sugaring experience. Try the pancakes, too, while you're there. ...
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Uncaring Caring. Elder Abuse: Look for the Warning Signs, Take Action

Caregiving Health & Wellness Relationships Safety
How can you tell if a loved one or senior neighbor is the victim of elder abuse? There are plenty of signs but only if you know what to look for. Keep alert, try being a little bit nosy and then take action to help. Your watchfulness can make a big difference in someone's life. ...
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