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Destination: Canton – Come for the Football, Stick Around to Play

Fun Magazine Outdoors September/October 2018 Things to do Travel
Spend a long day or make time for a weekend. This hall of fame city and its outskirts have plenty to discover. Take a ride south to Stark County and see for yourself that there is lots to do just an hour or so down the road. ...
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NEO Winery Tour – A Vintner Wander-land

Arts & Entertainment Magazine Travel
Every winery has food, ranging from hearty appetizers and charcuterie platters at Laurentia Winery to an entire menu of Italian-inspired options at Ferrante Winery & Ristorante. Check winery policies before packing your own food as most wineries no longer allow it. ...
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Amble Down to Amish Country

Cars and Driving May/June 2018 Outdoors Travel
Take a trip just a little way south or east of Cleveland and you'll find two of the country's largest Amish settlements. Take the back roads, slow down, and enjoy a pleasant day touring beautiful, rolling hills and farmsteads, eating terrific food and shopping at interesting stores and roadside stands. ...
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Destination: Akron … RubberDucks, a Wine Train and a Zoo, Too

Get Away Hobbies March/April 2018 Outdoors
Cleveland gets all the attention, but just a few miles down the road is a great city with a fine art museum, its own minor league ball team, an extraordinary mansion, Ohio's only national park - should we go on? Oh, that's right, it's got a nice zoo that has not only interesting animals but some lovely gardens, too. Akron, my friends, is a terrific city to explore. Check it out. You'll like what you see. ...
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Winter Wonders – Our Region’s Best Outdoor Places to Explore

January/February 2018 Outdoors
It’s challenging to get enough exercise and sunlight during the short days of an Ohio winter. Ohio’s state parks provide a venue for both. Geneva, Headlands and Punderson state parks offer three different experiences in Northeast Ohio. Pick one, pick all three — then venture out to one of our incredible metro or county park systems. And don’t forget our local county parks if you get a case of cabin fever. Cleveland Metroparks ( has Ohio’s tallest and longest toboggan chutes at Mill Stream Run Reservation in Strongsville. Big Met Golf Course in the Rocky River Reservation, the North Chagrin Nature Center, and the Hinckley Lake Boathouse and Store rent snowshoes. ...
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A Winter Break Along the Alabama Coast

Featured Travel
When not eating, the ocean beckoned. Along the shore, we squinted behind our sunglasses to soften the sun’s intensity. Wading in tepid saltwater, we watched seagulls swarm beachgoers with snacks. ...
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The Real Mayberry

2017 Editions Featured Get Away November/December 2017 Things to do Travel


If you watched any or all of the 249 episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” in the 1960s — or still catch reruns — consider a visit to Mount Airy, N.C. Griffith, who plays Sheriff Andy Taylor in the show, grew up in this small town and used it as a model for his series.


While the show exists only in reruns today, parts of the town are happily stuck in the past. Just six and a half hours down Interstate 77 you’ll find an entertaining getaway that makes the most of its connection to Barney, Aunt Bee, Opie and the rest of the gang.


Glimpses of the Past


During our visit, we slept in the retro, pragmatic and clean Mayberry Motor Inn at the edge of town. Keep in mind, this is a flashback to simpler times, and the motel appropriately small and historic. Rumor has it the owner sometimes dresses up as Aunt Bee while working the front desk.


The best start to visiting the town, after a good night’s sleep, is the Squad Car Ride. While we waited our turn in the Ford Galaxy (the fleet consists of ’62 ’63, ’64 and ’67 models) we checked out the replica of Wally’s Service Station.


Inside the historic corner building, we took turns posing in the jail cell and propping our feet on Andy’s desk. Definitely Facebook moments.


For our ride, we perched on the vinyl backseat and cranked down the old windows. Riding up and down the streets, we learned about the man and the show. We saw places that Andy Griffith/Andy Taylor frequented such as Floyd’s City Barber Shop and The Snappy Lunch.


After getting the lay of the land, we slid into a small booth at the 94-year-old The Snappy Lunch diner for North Carolina’s official pancake-battered pork chop sandwich.

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An Herb Experience from Blogger Paris Wolfe


Sansho Pepper Experience is Startling


As the Blogmaster for The Herb Society of America, I seek herb experiences when I travel. I want to see what’s different, new or part of the local culture. The older I get the further I have to reach for new experiences; travel is a great way to find them.

A recent visit to the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal was a jackpot. It’s like Cleveland’s West Side Market, but local to the Canadian city.

My favorite store in the historic market was Epices de Cru, a colorful exotic vendor of herbs, tea, and spices. The husband and wife owners travel the world to bring home the best ingredients from the “ordinary” to the unusual. Think: Cinnamon leaf or avocado leaf (use like a bay leaf with a different accent.) I was so entranced I visited twice. The second time I spent an hour perusing shelves and deciding just what to carry home.

Feeling adventurous I asked for the most unusual product and was introduced to sansho pepper. I can’t decide if the person assisting liked me or hated me when I was allowed to sample the small “peppercorn” which comes from the berry of a deciduous shrub – prickly ash — cultivated in Asia.
It was like my first experience with wasabi. Intense nerve confusion. I wasn’t sure if I was going to live or die. I lived.

First, the tip of my tongue numbed. That electrified numbness spread. From cheek to cheek I sensed a citrus – lemon/lime, maybe – coolness. And, my mouth started to water. It wasn’t hot or spicy, but like something had a hold of the nerves in my mouth. It expanded beyond taste to a physical sensation. And, it lasted nearly 10 minutes.

Once I realized that anesthesia was the expected experience and the limit (I wasn’t succumbing to rare nerve poison), I was fascinated.  

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