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Boomer Magazine Takes Home “Best of Show” and 11 Other Honors

Latest News Worth Noting

Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond earned Best of Show and 11 other awards for writing, layout and general excellence at the North American Mature Publishers Association annual convention in Oak Brook, Ill., on Sept. 25.

Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond magazine is a lifestyle publication for active people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. It has a distribution of 35,000 at more than 550 locations throughout Greater Cleveland.

The magazine’s editor is Marie Elium. Laura Chadwick is the art director and designer.

“Just two short years ago we developed Boomer & Beyond for the local market to educate, inspire and entertain readers with the theme of ‘Better Living After 50,’” said Brad Mitchell, Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond publisher and owner of parent company Mitchell Media, LLC. “The early positive response from readers and advertisers helped affirm that we were on the right track. We are thrilled to receive national awards for our magazine and we can’t wait to take it to the next level.”

The School of Journalism of the University of Missouri in Columbia judged the entries submitted by the magazines. Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond competed in the B Division, which represents magazines with a circulation of 25,001-50,000.

For First Place General Excellence, the judges said, “Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond offers readers a wide variety of topics, ranging from personality profiles of the 1970s regional musician to glamping and social media how-to tips. It also has a raft of columnists offering both amusement and practical advice – legal, dental, fitness, health, retirement time and money, among others. Kudos also go to a feature about a special friendship between a 25-year-old college student renting a room in a senior citizen housing center and an 81-year-old resident of the center. It’s a touching story.”

The judges’ comments referred to a cover profile of Cleveland rock legend Michael Stanley and a cover story about multi-generational housing at Judson Manor near University Circle.

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Northeast Ohio Boomer & Beyond presents BOOMER BASH 2017 | Eton Chagrin

Fun Latest News Things to do
You're invited to our first-ever Boomer Bash. Help us celebrate, listen to great music, grab a glass of wine and check out our vendors. Nov. 8 is the date, and Eton Chagrin Boulevard is the place. We promise you'll have a good time. ...
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Cleveland Orchestra Individual Tickets on Sale in August

Arts & Entertainment Fun

Individual concert tickets for The Cleveland Orchestra’s 2017-18 Season and 100th year of concerts go on sale on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, online at, by phone at 216-231-1111, and in person at the Severance Hall Ticket Office.  The season marks the launch of the Orchestra’s Second Century and is the 16th year of its acclaimed partnership with Franz Welser-Möst.

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Northeast Ohio Medicare Insurance Guidance by Strachan-Novak Insurance Services

Insurance July/August 2017 Money Work & Retirement

If you’ve turned 65 or are getting close to it, you’re likely swamped with information about Medicare plan options such as prescription drug plans, supplemental health insurance policies and Medicare Advantage plans.

Some folks may enjoy the challenge of figuring out the process of choosing health insurance coverage. After all, it’s important to choose the right coverage for your needs. However, if you’re not one of them, consider an appointment with a licensed sales agent who can help you navigate through the various options and help you get the right coverage for your health care needs.


Finding a Fit

Brokers (or agents) are licensed by the state and undergo annual required training and testing by the plans they sell.

There’s no cost for the service offered by a licensed sales agent because the agent is paid a commission by the private insurance carrier based on your enrollment in the plan.

 Consider meeting with an agent before you turn 65 so you can anticipate costs and coverage. Caregivers or family members who are helping make these decisions can participate in the meeting, too.


A licensed sales agent assures that your enrollment application gets properly completed, follows up with the carrier to ensure timely processing, and provides notification of your enrollment status.

The agent also will research prescription drug plans (PDP) because each has a list of covered drugs. An agent can help determine if your drugs are covered,  the co-pays associated with a plan and which plans to offer the best benefits for your situation.

In addition, the sales agent also verifies that your doctors, hospitals and other medical providers are in-network. This is an important step before selecting a plan because many Medicare plans have a network of doctors that they use.

An agent follows up annually to discuss changes to your medical needs, to discuss any upcoming changes to your current policy, and to provide updates on the health insurance industry.

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Cleveland Triathletes

Fun May/June 2017 Outdoors Profiles

Look Who’s Tri-ing

Local Athletes Compete on Land and In Water


By Stacy Rhea




Swimming, biking, running.

The sport of triathlon is when an athlete does all three in one long, grueling race. It’s not just for the young and buff. Watch any triathlon and you’ll see a wave of 50-plus athletes mixed in — and they’re not in the back of the pack.


The length of each portion of a triathlon varies. Sometimes the swimming portion is in a lake or the ocean. Biking is the longest section — 50 or more miles is not uncommon. Distances for the running portion are shorter, but still tough because they come at the end of the triathlon. Ironman triathlons tend to be considerably longer than conventional triathlons.


So why would anyone want to do it? Meet three Northeast Ohio triathletes and find out why one type of competition isn’t enough — they want all three.




Barb Thomas: 61
Residents: Broadview Heights
First Triathlon: 2012, Fairport Harbor


Sports have been part of Barb Thomas life since she was a child. Her mother played semi-pro softball and her father was a track star, so its no wonder Thomas is a lifelong athlete. At 14, Thomas won the YWCA nationals.

Later, as a mother of four, Thomas supported and coached her children in a variety of activities. One of Thomas fondest memories is when her daughter and son competed in the USAT Nationals with her. Her daughter won a national title in her age group.


A High Point:

Ironman 70.3 World Championship, Sunshine Coast, Australia, September 2016. She finished 13th in her age group.


Thomas Advice for a Newbie:

Start out slow. Keep moving and just go out and have fun.

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Kent State Biologist Awarded $1.5 Million To Advance Research Of Alzheimer’s In Women

Mind Matters Worth Noting

Research shows that women are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than men by a 3-to-2 margin. Some scientists believe this is because when women reach menopause, their bodies cease to produce estrogen, and the pituitary gland begins over-producing another hormone, luteinizing hormone (LH), to try to jump-start the ovaries.

 Gemma Casadesus Smith, an associate professor of Biological Sciences in Kent State University’s College of Arts and Sciences, plans to test those beliefs in mice using a five-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health.

 “So if the hypothesis is that LH receptor signaling goes down, and that receptor is what facilitates cognitive function, then by removing this in normal mice, we should see cognitive deficits,” she said. 

See the complete Press Release

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It Happened in… 1983

It Happened in… 1983


Who doesn’t like Christmas? Those of us in Northeast Ohio get to celebrate it year-round with “A Christmas Story” house and museum. The movie arrived in theaters in 1983. Shots that included Cleveland locales were the outside of Ralphie’s house (3159 W. 11th St.), Public Square and Higbee’s department store on Prospect Avenue. The restored house and adjoining gift shop are open year-round. For details, visit


When computer users save something in a Word file, they click on a tiny image of a floppy disk. Those of us old enough to remember early computer technology treated those black disks with care. Now mostly obsolete, the 3 1/2 inch floppy disk became a standard size in 1983. It continued to be the main, external storage device for everyday computer users who wanted to keep and transfer files back in the network-free age.


Most Popular Baby Names Rank

1 Michael – Jennifer

2 Christopher – Jessica

3 Matthew – Amanda

4 David – Ashley

5 Joshua – Sarah


The Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke at an annual Labor Day event in 1983 at Luke Easter Park at Kinsman Road and East 116th streets. Louis Stokes established the 21st Congressional District Caucus Parade and Picnic at the park. The following year, Jackson organized the Rainbow Coalition and ran for president of the United States.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History


Admit it: you took a perfectly good sweatshirt, tore it and wore it off your shoulder. And you weren’t even a dancer or a welder. Heck, you didn’t even live in Pittsburgh. The music was frenetic, the story predictable. But the fashion — oh — fashion — was irresistible.

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Ask the Orthopedist – My Knee Hurts

Ask the Orthopedist – My Knee Hurts

QUESTION: “I have osteoarthritis in my knee. Does this mean that I eventually will need a knee replacement?”

ANSWER: Osteoarthritis is essentially the breakdown of the cartilage of your joints over time. This can occur through normal wear and tear of the joint as we age, but can be accelerated by other causes.

Factors such as obesity, injuries, surgeries and genetics can increase the speed at which the joint breaks down. Think of your cartilage like the tread on a tire. Over many miles, the tread wears down based on the load placed on the wheels, the alignment of the vehicle, daily impact and the type of use. When that tread wears down too much, it’s time to get a new tire. As the cartilage breaks down, eventually the bone and nerve endings are exposed and can be painful.



The first line of treatment with osteoarthritis is to manage the pain starting with over-the-counter or prescription medications. Physical therapy can be helpful to strengthen the weakened joint and improve range of motion. Many patients find short-term relief with cortisone shots for pain and/or gel injections that lubricate and increase the shock absorption of the joint.

If these conservative measures are no longer helpful, surgical intervention through a joint replacement may seem like your only option. However, advancements in regenerative therapies are providing a new hope for many patients struggling with arthritis pain and can delay or possibly even prevent the need for a joint replacement. These newer treatments use biologic elements such as your own adult stem cells and platelets to ease the pain. In many cases, they might regenerate lost cartilage.

As a form of regenerative medicine, stem cell procedures activate your body’s own stem cells to encourage healing and speed repair for bone, muscle, joint, soft tissue and nerve injuries.

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