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Marie Elium spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter in Virginia and Ohio before switching to freelance writing when her two children were young. The kids are now Millennials, but writing continues to be one of her favorite endeavors. Marie was named editor of Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond magazine in November 2015 and is a graduate of Miami University. Marie can be reached at [email protected]

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Give the Gift of Camp This Holiday Season

Fun Grandparenting Latest News Outdoors

Every holiday season, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are faced with the difficult decision of what to gift to children. This year, as part of your holiday gift list, consider the gift of camp.

Camp provides children with a healthy environment of organized activities, free play, friendship building, problem-solving, and more. It offers experiential, energetic, and interactive activities that are a healthy respite from too much screen time.

Find the right camp by using the American Camp Association’s Find a Camp tool. You can search by activity, cost, location, and more. Find a Camp connects over 1.2 million families with camp each year.

As the holiday season approaches, offer the children in your life a gift that will provide them the opportunity for experiential learning and growth — plus memories, skills, and experiences they will cherish their entire lives.

Click here to print a free “gift of camp” certificate. Tuck it in a new backpack, roll it in a new sleeping bag, wrap it around a new flashlight — or put it in a traditional gift box complete with colorful paper and a bow. No matter how it’s delivered, imagine the delight when the gift is opened, and the child discovers that camp is in his or her future.

Looking for more information about summer camps in the region? Make plans to attend Northeast Ohio Parent’s Camp Fair 2019. Click here for more information.


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Magic of Lights is at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds This Year

Fun NEO Grandparent Outdoors Things to do
Lights are the hallmark of the holiday season. We're fortunate here in Northeast Ohio that we have plenty of places to see them. One that might not be on your radar is the Magic of Lights display at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. Head on over and see the light. ...
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What’s In Your Ear? Here are the Top Podcasts of 2018 According to (who else?) the People at Apple

Technology Things to do
Have you heard? Apple has announced the top podcasts for 2018 and one had a Cleveland connection. Were any on your list? What are you listening to and why? ...
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Flu Blues: It’s Not Too Late to Beat Them

Health & Wellness Latest News
You've seen the reminders at the drug store, you've watched the warnings on TV. Message received. You need a flu shot. But what if you've put off getting one? Is it too late? Read on to see what the folks at the Cleveland Clinic have to say to flu shot procrastinators. (Hint: their answer won't surprise you). ...
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Fundraiser Set for Digital Literacy Program

Our tech columnist is also co-founder of a free series of classes aimed at helping people 60 and older become comfortable with technology. Check out The Center for Aging in the Digital World's upcoming fundraiser. ...
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Cleveland Clinic Unveils Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2019

Health & Wellness
A panel of top doctors and researchers at Cleveland Clinic has named the top advancements with the power to transform healthcare in 2019. 'Is there a robot in your future? ...
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A Retirement Checklist: 8 Steps to Take Now

Financial Planning Work & Retirement
We all know people who dive head-first into retirement with seemingly little thought to whether or not it's the best time for them to stop working. Simply put, they haven't done their homework. Don't be like them. Consider these suggestions before taking the big step into retirement. ...
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Giving with a Plan

2018 Editions Magazine Money November December 2018 Resources

By Michael Freeman

The Salvation Army NEO

America is a generous country. Over 67 percent of American households give to charity.

While some people give for tax reasons, many — if not the majority — open their wallets because they are convinced that the work of their favorite charity is vital.

With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017, the philanthropic community is standing back to see if this is true. Do Americans give for personal tax savings or from a place of true charity?


New Rules

The new tax law has doubled the standard deduction — the preset amount all taxpayers are allowed to lop off their taxable income — from $6,500 to $12,000. This will reduce the number of taxpayers who itemize deductions on their tax return from 47 million to 19 million. Simply put, very few of us will now deduct our charitable contributions.

Options remain, however, that can make us tax-savvy stewards. Consider this: Rather than cash, donate appreciated stocks. With the fervor of the current market, your investment may have seen handsome growth.

Here’s the catch: When you sell that stock, you are responsible to pay a capital gain tax. If however, you have owned that stock for over a year, it can be donated to charity and the gift passes to the charity without any tax due. For itemizers, the full amount of the stock’s value on the day it was donated qualifies as a charitable deduction.

For future “planned giving” — which means giving after you have died — there is a plethora of ideas that enable you to make an impact from beyond the grave. My father had a friend who had been financially successful in the trucking business. At his death, I asked my dad how much the man had left behind.

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