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Marie Elium spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter in Virginia and Ohio before switching to freelance writing when her two children were young. The kids are now Millennials, but writing continues to be one of her favorite endeavors. Marie was named editor of Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond magazine in November 2015 and is a graduate of Miami University. Marie can be reached at [email protected]

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A Brain Game: This One’s Tough

2018 Editions Health & Wellness March/April 2018 Things to do


Mind Matters

Brain Games


What is the word? The first two letters and the last two letters are the same. Try solving them without looking at the letter pairs below. If you need to take a peek, go ahead, but do not fill in the letters right away. Come back to it several hours later. How many did you remember?

EXAMPLE     _ _ u c a t _ _    ANSWER (ed): educated


  •      _ _ i  _ _
  •      _ _ m a _ _
  •      _ _ r m i  _ _
  •      _ _ u r _ _
  •      _ _ e l l f i _ _
  •      _ _ a s _  _




  •         _ _ t i _ _
  •         _ _ a d a c _ _
  •         _ _ e p s a _ _


OPTIONS    he  te  sh   er   ke   re  on   to   ch   


1    o n i o n
2    t o m a t o
3    t e r m i t e
4    c h u r c h
5    s h e l l f i s h
6    e r a s e r

7    r e t i r e
8    h e a d a c h e
9    k e e p s a k e


Improving your focus is important for enhancing your remembering skills. Distractions are not your friend.  Practice periodically just being in the present moment. Give something your full attention. Eat a meal and do not do anything else. When driving in your car alone, do not listen to any audio.  
  This puzzle and memory tip is provided by Kathryn Kilpatrick, a speech-language pathologist. She is available for Memory Fitness and Keep Your Brain Sharp programs and private consultations.

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Books for Spring

2018 Editions Arts & Entertainment March/April 2018

Book Shelf


Renewal, rejuvenation, gardening, hiking and baseball. Sure sounds like spring, doesn’t it? Here are book suggestions that suit the season, provided by Carol Tuttle, collection services librarian for the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library.


“Spring Fever” by Mary Kay Andrews

Love, deception and second chances are wrapped in this plot-twisting novel set in the Deep South. Advertising executive Annajane Hudgens finds that leaving her rural North Carolina hometown and traveling to Atlanta for a new job and a promising life is complicated. This is an enjoyable escape for spring.


“Room with a View” by E.M. Forster

In this classic book (that became a movie) sheltered Englishwoman Lucy Honeychurch and her older cousin, Miss Bartlett, tour Italy in the springtime. Lucy meets interesting characters who call into question her dull, repressed Edwardian life. Spring, Tuscany and enlightenment all in one luscious novel.


“How It All Began” by Penelope Lively

In this novel of new beginnings, one random event (the mugging of the very independent 77-year-old Charlotte) cascades into multiple outcomes: marriages disrupted, lovers united and lives changed. This is Penelope Lively at her best in an ingenious and absorbing story about human nature.


“Shoeless Joe” by W.P. Kinsella

Mysterious words inspire the construction of a cornfield baseball diamond. This classic novel, the basis for the film “Field of Dreams,” speaks a story about fathers and sons, family, and our cherished American pastime. Written in lovely prose, it evokes the nostalgia of family life and features a lovable hero.


“One Shot at Forever: A Small town, an Unlikely Coach, and a Magical Baseball Season” by Chris Ballard

Sportswriter Chris Ballard captures an Illinois high school baseball team’s improbable run at the state finals as poor farm boys from a small, rural town take on the privileged kids in this true-story account.

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Game On: Building a Fan One Ball at a Time

A.C. on playing with LeBron James: “I’d love to have a chance to play with this team — the way he passes the ball and the way I used to pass it out, it would be great.” ...
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Why Ex-College Cheerleaders Should be Gym Teachers

2018 Editions Editor's Note March/April 2018
In my family, I comfortably settled into the role of a bookworm. I hung out with the other anti-gym kids at school and joined them in both mocking the jocks while secretly admiring their sports prowess. ...
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Get Ready for a Change with These Questions

Personal Improvement Resources Things to do
Are you living where you want to live? Doing what you want to do? Or are you in a rut that seems to be getting deeper? Consider these questions to get you where you want to be. ...
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How to Protect Your Online Assets After You’re Gone (and by gone, we mean dead)

Financial Planning Relationships Resources
Most people are aware of the importance of estate planning, but often times digital assets are overlooked when planning for seniors. After all, how many seniors have online bank accounts or are active on social media? ...
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The Social Security Question : When Should I Claim It?

Financial Planning Resources Work & Retirement
I find that many retirees would prefer to have the money earlier, at say age 66, because they feel they won’t be as active or travel as much later on, at age 82 or 83. Therefore, to them personally, the money means more to them now than in 15 to 20 years. ...
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Calling all Weather Nerds – the National Weather Service Needs You

Hobbies Outdoors Resources Things to do Volunteerism
Do you love a stormy sky? Are you a fan of weather forecasts? What about clouds: yes or no? You may have what it takes to be an official storm watcher for the National Weather Service. Check out these local classes and see if you've got what it takes. ...
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