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Marie Elium spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter in Virginia and Ohio before switching to freelance writing when her two children were young. The kids are now Millennials, but writing continues to be one of her favorite endeavors. Marie was named editor of Northeast Ohio Boomer and Beyond magazine in November 2015 and is a graduate of Miami University. Marie can be reached at [email protected]

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Retirement Reboot: Why Stopping is Hazardous and Downshifting is Smart

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Consider this workforce statistic: The average U.S. commute time isn’t getting shorter  – it’s getting longer.

Yep, you read that right. According to the U.S. Census, the average commute was 26.4 minutes in 2015 (their last survey) and it keeps getting longer. In some metro areas, it’s creeping up to the 40-minute danger zone. Keep in mind, I said “average.” That means there are plenty of folks stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, toiling away two or more hours each day on the road.

PS: This might explain why podcast listenership is increasing.

Average Commute Time Keeps Getting Longer

As I scan the graph at the left, all I can think is if we can put a man on the moon and we’re now within a few years of seeing driverless cars on the road, what’s up with these expanding commute times?

For pre-retirees, that daily commute is draining and you might be dreaming of the day when you can STOP.

But here’s the thing — Stopping is hazardous to your health.

Stopping (retiring with no clue about what you’ll do next) is the express lane to a destination we’re all trying to avoid – accelerated aging. Next thing you know, you’ve got a rocker at Shady Acres with your name engraved on it and you’re clocking rocks per hour on your FitBit.

There’s gotta be a better way to transition from exhausting commutes and endless workplace demands to sleeping in and having more time to indulge in the things you enjoy.

The Perils of Stopping and Starting Something Later24877162894_940d8e9d40_q

I’ll often hear this response from some pre-retirees: “I need to stop and take a break for awhile. Later, I’ll give some thought about what I’ll do next.”

Sounds reasonable at first glance, but then inertia starts to take hold. Suddenly, you’re roaming around the house in your bathrobe with all kinds of time on your hands, but no plan or sense of urgency. 

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Flu Shot Myth-Busters

Health & Wellness
It's time for your annual flu shot, but we all have a friend or two who are decidedly on the anti-flu-shot bandwagon. The Cleveland Clinic has another take; read about it here. ...
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Battling Age Bias When Job Hunting

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Finding a new job later in life can present some challenges when it comes to age discrimination. Here's how to combat them. ...
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Grab the Keys, It’s Fall Foliage Tour Time

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Are you ready to start viewing Mother Nature’s fall foliage? The month of October begins many of the fall foliage scenic driving tours.  What a great way to see the back-roads and small towns of Ohio. ...
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Akron Art Museum Goes for the Gold (and Other Metals)

Arts & Entertainment Fun Things to do

Associate Curator Theresa Bembnister said, “Metal is rich in cultural connotations. Regardless of whether they are using gold, copper, silver, iron or another metal, the artists in this exhibition are mindful of the meaning of their chosen materials. Some artists make statements regarding value by disguising cast-off or common everyday items, such as cardboard or clothing, to resemble precious metals.”

Artists whose work is featured in Heavy Metal include Yayoi Kusama, whose wildly popular Infinity Mirrors exhibition is currently traveling across the country, as well as Kent State University School of Art associate professor Mahwish Chishty, and University of Akron associate professor of art Sherry Simms. Additional artists on view in the exhibition include Lynda Benglis, Lorna Simpson, Dale Goode, Michelle Grabner, Sarah Paul, Corrie Slawson and others.

Sometimes weighty, other times lighthearted, the themes expressed in Heavy Metal are articulated both through abstraction and realistic representation. As a playful critique of the fashion and cosmetic industry, Simms created a necklace that presents a cast of her own mouth in lipstick. Kusama’s Chair, part of the Akron Art Museum’s collection, has not been on view for three years and combines elements of domesticity—furniture, sewing—with surreal, metallic phallic protrusions.

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Tech Help: Is the New iPhone a Good Fit for You?

You tossed your flip phone a long time ago, but your iPhone now seems a bit sluggish. Is it time for a new one? Or should you keep what you've got? ...
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Research: Menopausal Hormone Therapy Not Associated with Risk of Death

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A study, which looked at data from 27,347 women found that after 18 years, the women who took either estrogen or a combined estrogen-progestin therapy showed no increase in their risk of death from all causes, including cancer and heart disease. ...
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Hale Harvest Run, Walk & Festival

The Hale Harvest 5K, part of Hale Farm & Village's Harvest Festival, benefits InHale, an educational initiative that uses historic and natural resources to offer innovative experiences that promote sustainable agriculture, civic leadership, education and recreation. ...
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