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Laura Mineff is a local designer, contractor, lifestyle consultant and president of Array-Design Studio & Gifts. Laura Mineff is founder of Environmental Well Being of Aging. For help finding the resources mentioned above, call 216-905-3169. EWBOA members offer these and many other services to help with gift-giving

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Cut the Clutter – Be Smart About Gift-Giving This Season

Cut the Clutter – Be Smart About Gift-Giving This Season

We all have friends or relatives on our gift-giving list who are not looking at toy catalogs or the latest kitchen gadget. They are the dear individuals who are gracefully enjoying life and aging in place (code words for those over 60).


• In-home spa service of a facial, massage or mani/pedi

• One month of pet walking twice a week

• Car detailing

• Gourmet dinner prepared by a chef in the home for friends or family

• Fruit of the month club

• Two months of house cleaning — an awesome gift to free up time

• Personal shopper for groceries

• Consultation with a home designer

Many of these gift ideas are readily available in Northeast Ohio. Most businesses will provide a gift certificate or card that explains the details of the gift.


While it’s tempting to give a gift of the services of a professional decluttering and reorganizing company, pause and reconsider.

After the holidays, if you want to address a loved one’s clutter situation, consider what worked for one family and their grandmother who was overrun with too many odds and ends that were difficult for her to part with.

All of the children and grandchildren came over, and the grandmother had each person use small Post-It notes to identify items they wanted after she passed away. The grandmother was able to decide what to pack away to give to charity, friends and others.

The day provided an opportunity for the grandmother to spend time with family, recall memories and ensure that her cherished items would go to family members after her death.


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Budget Friendly Ways To Enhance Your Living Space – Create an environment of well-being for comfort, safety and resale value

Budget Friendly Ways To Enhance Your Living Space – Create an environment of well-being for comfort, safety and resale value

We are part of a generation that truly believes and often feels that 60 is the new 40 and 70 may be the new 50. The late author Napoleon Hill’s philosophy of “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve” is a great mantra for a lot of people who are living and loving life to the fullest and experiencing the joy of being in their homes. It is only the times when our home environment is creating minor glitches that we start asking ourselves, “What can I do to make my environment more livable and adaptable to some of my physical challenges that are starting to creep up?”

Maybe it’s a microwave that is too high to reach. Or perhaps it is the extension of wood flooring from the kitchen to the carpeting in the family room that causes us to stumble or fall at times. Or it may be that we need to renew our living area but we don’t have the budget to have a Martha Stewart clone offer expensive design changes. There is a solution.



The first question is what is your budget? Ten dollars or ten thousand? The money you spend on making your home more comfortable should be an investment in your happiness that adds to the future resale value of your home.

As individuals get older, mobility may become an issue. Clutter causes safety concerns. Odors from an old carpet or upholstery can affect how you feel about your living space. The solutions can be as easy as getting rid of the throw carpets you trip over, purging trinkets and mementos that collect dust or steam cleaning carpets and furniture.

There are simple things that can be done relatively quickly, easily and inexpensively:

• Rearrange your furniture so there is more room if you need a cane or a walker.

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