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What Are Your Teeth Saying? A Lot, It Turns Out

Health & Wellness Magazine September/October 2018
I’m often asked how physical conditions affect dental health. When reviewing a patient's medical history, there also may be medications that impact dental care ...
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Dental Emergencies: Chip Shape

Health & Wellness
Broken teeth that remain in one piece have a good chance at replacement, as long as the tooth is kept moist, clean and is placed back in the socket in about an hour's time.   Fractured teeth can be restored, regardless of the time that has passed, as long as good tooth structure remains. The fractured piece can be bonded to the tooth or a composite plastic can replace the structure of the missing tooth. ...
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Open Wide and Smile – Modern treatment and After Care are Key to Healthy Teeth

Health & Wellness May/June 2018

I see many new patients who come to our office for “smile makeovers.” Some do it for a special occasion, while others thought it was about time to take care of themselves. Regardless of the reason, they understood the value of healthy teeth and a smile they could be proud of.

A physician in her 50s told us she wanted to look good at her daughter’s wedding and in the wedding photos. She had lost a few upper and lower front teeth as a teenager due to an accident. At the time, the teeth were replaced with permanent bridges made of porcelain on top of a metal framework used for strength.

Though they had lasted many years, they looked their age, with a number of fractures and chips, and some of the metal margins were visible. After exploring her options, we used a combination of all-porcelain bridgework in the front and all-porcelain crowns in the back. She confided in me that she wished she had done the dental work earlier so that she could have been enjoying the benefits, both cosmetically and functionally.

The wedding pushed her into moving forward with treatment. As she also travels frequently with her husband and has a grinding problem, we made her a soft night guard, which will help protect her teeth from grinding and any accident that might occur on the road.

Looking Good, Feeling Great

Another patient, in her mid-80s, was brought in by her daughter — a professor at a northeastern Ohio university — prior to their annual family reunion. “Jackie” had a large space between her front teeth that had bothered her for her entire adult life. After looking at various options, she decided to have four porcelain veneers placed to both close the diastema (space) and to make the proportions of her front teeth appropriate.

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Health & Wellness May/June 2017



Replacing Lost Teeth

Dental Implants

By Dr. Steve Marsh


Missing teeth not only detract from your smile, but they can also make you feel uncomfortable.

If you have lost one or more teeth, you should know about dental implants — a technique for restoring the look and feel of natural teeth. Dental implants are extremely successful and quite popular. They can look and feel just like getting your real teeth back.


From the Root Up

You could say that a dental implant replaces your missing tooth from the root up. The first of the three steps required to replace a lost tooth with a dental implant is getting an artificial “anchor” for your missing tooth’s root.

Tiny titanium fixtures (screws) are placed in your jawbone by a specialist or general dentist. Either local or general anesthesia can be used. Very gentle, low-speed placement protects the bone tissue and promotes healing.

Finishing touches

Three to nine months later, the living bone in your mouth has bonded permanently with the dental implant, and it’s time to go to the next step.

The dentist attaches a post to the dental implant. Finally, a crown, bridge or anchored denture can be attached to the post. This replacement tooth will have been carefully shaped to fit in perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

When done properly by a skilled cosmetic dentist, the result is a totally natural-looking smile with strong teeth that you can be completely comfortable with.

Patients tell us they are able to eat foods they avoided before, and are smiling naturally and speaking more clearly.
Dr. Steve Marsh serves patients throughout greater Cleveland. He does all cosmetic dental procedures, including dental bonding, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, implants, ceramic fillings crowns and bridges, and extreme dental makeovers. Contact him at

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Out of Sight – Ceramic vs. Composite Fillings

Health & Wellness January/February 2017

A cavity or decay is the main reason for a dental visit. Every patient wants to feel comfortable, be without pain and have the decay stopped before it damages a valuable tooth.

In addition to the health of their teeth, many patients have a major concern for the appearance of fillings.

Having a mouthful of visible fillings can make patients self-conscious, and they may avoid smiling openly. Having multiple visible fillings could suggest that a person is unhealthy or that they have been irresponsible with their dental health. This, of course, may not be the case.

Ceramic and/or composite fillings solve this problem gracefully.

Tooth-colored fillings — sometimes also known as porcelain or composite restorations — are designed to match the color of the tooth or teeth they are used on, unlike fillings made of silver, gold or amalgamations of silver and other minerals.

Porcelain is the primary material used in ceramic fillings. It can be mixed to match the exact color and hue of any tooth. Ceramic fillings can be used in teeth that are under great chewing pressure such as molars and bicuspids.

Because of improved technologies such as “directed shrinkage” of the ceramic polymer material used to fill cavities, porcelain fillings are reliable and are fast becoming a standard dentistry material.

Composite fillings, which are a type of reinforced plastic, also do a wonderful job in restoring teeth in an esthetic manner. Conservative tooth preparation, following removal of decay, is a major advantage of these restorations, and it costs less than porcelain fillings. The porcelain fillings, however, are extremely durable and may last longer than composites.


The biggest benefit of using either porcelain or composite fillings is the completely natural appearance of the repaired tooth or teeth once the procedure has been completed. Many patients are so happy with the appearance of their treated teeth that they may eventually have all their old fillings replaced with ceramic fillings.

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