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Technology, Dog Years & Keeping Up

January/February 2019 Technology

A year for your beloved pup is equivalent of a human body maturing 7 years. Dogs’ accelerated maturity life cycle has a parallel in how things mature in the digital world.

Considering the speed in which technology matures, where our lives increasingly revolve around its innovations, there is a pronounced sense of urgency for collaboration. Brain trusts from companies, nonprofits, government, and the public need to collaborate on innovative ways to help our elders: our parents, extended family, and friends.

As we welcome 2019, Tech Talk starts out “unplugged” – an issue relevant to Boomers, seniors, and their sons and daughters alike. The latter demographic, readers of our sister publication Northeast Ohio Parent, perhaps, are vested and well-positioned to secure the wellbeing of Boomers and seniors. Just like Boomers were the innovators of the 20th century, sons and daughters of Boomers are now the instigators and innovators of the 21st century. They possess the ability to influence, aka shape, the competitive markets, translating to increased affordability and accessibility so no one is left behind.

Additionally, philanthropy in traditional disciplines continues to be augmented by digital world-borne tools and ideas. Those sons and daughters who understand the digital world’s prominence in the real and digital worlds we live in, are now in the decision-making roles to maximize the efficacy of philanthropic efforts. In short, sons and daughters can instill meaningful change for our society.

According to its fact sheet, the White House’s Conference on Aging is “the best-known White House conference.” Great, we already have a platform for collaboration and brainstorming. But wait, it only happens every 10 years? I’m sure readers see the challenge as it relates to the digital world where technology-based innovative ideas originate and mature with head-turning speed.

If you Google the factsheet from 2015, Uber is listed under the section titled “Using Technology to Help Older Americans.” I remember this vividly, sharing the informative video on its pilot program for senior transportation with others.

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Tech Talk: Bridging Distances with Connections that Count

Education & Technology Magazine September/October 2018 Technology Uncategorized
Almost all “digital natives” (younger people) — and many digital immigrants (Boomers), such as myself — use smartphones and their apps to stay in touch. Dispersing information on social media once to update our friends does away with the need to repeat the same information to multiple parties. ...
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Tech Talk: Field of Streams

Magazine Technology
If you haven't tried one of these free library services, you’re missing out on a hidden gem for the 21st century. If you are pressed for time to actually set foot into your library, visit its website for starters. It is hard to miss the banner on the CCPL homepage aptly proclaiming “The digital collection. Free with your library card.” ...
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Tech Talk: It’s Not You, It’s Them. Technology Terms are Confusing

March/April 2018 Resources Technology
Resist becoming intimidated by jargon and overused tech terms that keep you from the wonderful benefits that come from digital literacy. Remembering that the digital world mimics the real world can help you decipher jargon. ...
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High Tech Dentistry: Better Views, Better Patient Experience

Health & Wellness March/April 2018
When it comes to taking radiographs (X-rays), all dentists should be using the digital technique. A sensor, rather than film, is placed in the patient's mouth. The image shows up on a computer screen that the dentist and patient can immediately look at so that a diagnosis can be made and explained. ...
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Ohio’s New Poet Laureate is Right Here at Case

Arts & Entertainment Pop Culture Uncategorized
Did you know?Lucas is Ohio’s second-ever poet laureate, succeeding Amit Majmudar, a diagnostic nuclear radiologist in the Columbus area (and Cleveland native). The position was created in 2014. 45 U.S. states, and Washington, D.C., have poets laureate, according to the Library of Congress. While earning an MFA from the University of Virginia, Lucas studied under Akron native Rita Dove, a former U.S. Poet Laureate (1993-95). Lucas won the Cleveland Art Prize and its Emerging Artist Award in 2016, and that same year, also served as the inaugural William N. Skirball Writers’ Center writer-in-residence at the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Lucas has also taught at John Carroll Young Writer’s Workshop and Cleveland Clinic Program in Medical Humanities at the Lerner College of Medicine. The Ohio Poet Laureate Selection Committee chose Lucas for the post, following a statewide nomination and review process. ...
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Sell Your Home – Fast

July/August 2017 Real Estate

Eye for Design

Attract Buyers with Easy Updates

By Dianna Hosta-Stickney


Thinking about selling your house? Try looking at it through buyers’ eyes.

Shiny brass light fixtures, maroon walls and sculptured carpeting may be fine for you, but those outdated details could be a turnoff to prospective buyers.

Realtors see it all the time. Many people, especially as they age, get a bit lackadaisical with keeping up on the latest decorating trends. Brass-tone fixtures, deep paint colors and wall-to-wall carpeting had their heyday decades ago. Today, they’re a turnoff for younger buyers, who take design cues from HGTV shows and glossy home décor magazines.


Simple Updates

On the positive side, sellers in their 50s, 60s and 70s generally keep their homes well maintained. The roof, furnace and other major items often are in good shape for buyers. But what about the rest of the house — particularly the inside — if a move is in your future?

Consider freshening up one or two rooms or tackling a design project each year until the entire house is updated. Design experts say trends such as paint color tones and decorative finishes generally stay in style for 10 to 12 years, so use that as a general guide.

If you like green, try a tone that’s more in line with today’s style trends. Yesterday’s hunter green is today’s sage or pistachio green. Pay attention to the tone, not just the color. Unsure of design trends? Check out one of the many home improvement shows on HGTV or grab a few design magazines and see what’s popular. Right now, grays are hot.

Visit a home improvement store and pay attention to the display in the lighting department. If you don’t see anything hanging there that’s similar to what’s in your home, consider an update.

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Right-Sized Housing

May/June 2017 Real Estate

Real Estate

Downsize or Right-Size?

Find Your Housing Fit

By Dianna Hosta-Stickney


Adult “boomerang” children. Aging parents. Grandkids.

We may want to downsize as we get older, but a better choice may be “right-sizing” — finding a home that suits not only the way we live but also new family configurations.


Who’s Living with You?


A sprawling home and spacious backyard that was perfect for active toddlers and teens may not have the features that someone in their 50s, 60s or 70s needs or wants. Those who are thinking about how they live today don’t necessary want less space — they want better space.


Housing needs often are determined by who’s living with you. That’s why smaller isn’t always better. If an older loved one is moving in, then maybe you want an in-law suite or two master suites. Accessibility is vital; keep steps to a minimum or eliminate them.


If an adult child needs temporary housing — a job interruption or divorce are two common reasons — then an extra bedroom and bathroom or two may be on your must-have list when house hunting.


And if you find yourself raising grandkids, then space that works for you (easy upkeep, plenty of first-floor living space) and for kids adds another dimension to right-sizing as we age. Sometimes, renovating an existing home can accommodate a variety of ages and needs.


How Do You Live?


In other situations, finding a new home is the best choice. Here’s what is on many house hunters’ lists:


  • No “dead space” rooms. Forget the hands-off living room, or overdone media theaters. Rooms have to suit the way you live today.
  • Open floor plans are great for entertaining extended family and friends, and allow for better access and movement.
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